Thursday, September 28, 2006

No posts, no kangaroos, no emus

We've been slow on posts the last few days, mostly because we haven't offloaded pictures recently. Here's one from a while ago, showing Meghan standing under the official Australian coat of arms.

We still haven't seen an emu or a kangaroo in the wild, although I'm told they abound (ha ha) at the telescope sites in Parkes and Narrabrai. But here they are, supporting the coat of arms, which displays the badges for the six states and is surmounted by the seven-pointed crest and wreath. It is all very traditional and quaint: It is proper that an authority performing the duties of government should bear the dignities and traditional rights of its office; including the right to bear symbols of its honour and authority. The Commonwealth Coat of Arms was granted by the Sovereign and fulfils these traditional purposes.

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