Monday, October 02, 2006

Through the Graffiti Tunnel

The University of Sydney has a sprawling main campus as well as several satellite branches. The buildings are all spick and span, with no unsightly graffiti anywhere... except the Graffiti Tunnel. That's what the tunnel is called, even on the official maps and signposts, and that's where the graffiti goes. Every week, the old layers of paint are covered by new messages and transient works of art.

(As an aside, what sort of anarchist scrawls graffiti in a designated graffiti area? Doesn't that violate the anarchist code of ethics or something?)


Anonymous said...

No, of course it doesn't violate our "code of ethics." Admittedly, it's strange to see an anarchist so rigidly following the law, but on the other hand, the purpose is to get the message out, and most people react badly to graffiti in undesignated areas for some reason, so they would not take in the message. So it is actually a lot more productive.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

do you have to be a student to paint there?

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