Friday, December 08, 2006

Sean and Jeanine arrive in Sydney

United 863 arrives at Sydney At 7:30 am today, we heard the distant rumble of United flight 863, with Sean and Jeanine on board, passing overhead on its way in to Sydney airport. Meghan managed to snap this image through the morning fog.
Sean and Jeanine arrive A couple of hours later, a cab pulled up at our doorstep, and there they were: Meghan's brother Sean and sister-in-law Jeanine had arrived in Sydney, all the way from Ithaca. Jeanine is starting a five month position as the pathologist at the Taronga zoo, and it is a strange (and very welcome!) twist of fate that brings them to Sydney at the same time as us.

As their hosts, we along with our astronomer friend Fernando (also visiting Sydney) took our responsibility seriously, cracking the whip to keep Sean and Jeanine awake as long as possible. Well, we didn't actually use a whip - rather, we took them out downtown, showing them the Opera house, the Harbour bridge, and the botanic gardens.
Sean, Jeanine, Meghan, Shami, Opera House

Fernando, Jeanine, Sean, Meghan, and the Bridge
Resting at the Botanic Gardens

Finally, after as much sun as we could squeeze in, we came home, savored some wine, made some Indian food for dinner, and settled in for a relaxed evening on our deck. Welcome, Jeanine and Sean! Cheers!

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