Saturday, February 10, 2007


Mehendi for the guests
The day before my brother's wedding, his fiancee Uttara's family hosted a mehendi party, in keeping with the Punjabi part of her heritage. (The wedding itself was in the Bengali tradition, reflecting the other half of her ancestry.)

At the party, the women had their hands decorated with traditional designs in henna. It was fascinating to watch the artisans as they created unique works of art on the hands and arms of guests, which would only last a week or two.

Mehendi for the bride
The bride got the full treatment, of course, and her hands and feet, arms and legs, were all covered with intricate designs. The rest of the crowd indulged in some serious dancing, but Uttara had to wait patiently for the designs to be completed before she could join in.

The results, though, were simply spectacular...
Mehendi up close

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Suben said...

One should stress on the fact that these artisans are not formally trained in any "Art" course and do not come of a very enlightened class either ! Yet one would notice that no two designs are the same...they keep creating just one after another, without even a rough draft!!
Perhaps someday, some enthusiasts would care to think about these artisans more seriously and utilise their talent more usefully to let them earn more!!

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