Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated our first Mother's Day this year, in anticipation of Meghan becoming a mother in a few months! After a laid back day, I treated Meghan to dinner at the revolving restaurant on top of Centrepoint Tower, the tallest building in Sydney. We enjoyed a leisurely trip around 360 degrees of the Sydney skyline and admired the twinkling city lights as we had dinner. There are big, exciting changes afoot in our life, and this was a chance to share a relaxed and leisurely moment for the two of us...

On our deck Centrepoint tower
Left: "Mum" and "Bub" (we're picking up our Aussie lingo); Right: the Tower.
Below: The Sydney skyline at sunset from the Manly ferry.

Sunset over the Sydney skyline

High above Sydney
Above: Us at dinner, high above the city.
Below: Views of the city (blurry, because the restaurant was moving!)

Darling Harbour and Anzac bridge from above The Sydney harbour bridge from above

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