Saturday, August 25, 2007

A year of passionfruit

The pictures below were taken exactly a year apart. Can you spot the similarities and the differences? We still have a nice deck, there's still a bridge in the background, and the passionfruit tastes just as good as it did last August.

Eating passionfruit, August 2006 Eating passionfruit, August 2007

In the meantime, we've acquired furniture, bought a car, traveled a bit, seen some of the local flora and fauna, even held a baby wombat, and much more - all documented for you right here on this blog. As you can see, our life promises to be quite different starting very soon, so here's to a brand new adventure ahead!


Anonymous said...

Yes, of course we see the difference !! How wonderfully different...and we look forward to the next picture with the taste of passionfruit this time next year!

Sumitra Chatterjee said...

Even the Cumquat has grown so that you can rest your feet on its pot!

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