Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Go, Dog. Go!

Here we are, reading Go, Dog. Go! together... Isn't that a sweet smile?

Reading Go Dog Go!

Today is hopefully the last day Oliver has a naso-gastric tube, which is how he's been fed so far. Tomorrow we're going in to the Sydney Children's Hospital, where he is scheduled for a laproscopic gastrostomy to replace his nasal tube with one directly into his stomach. We're both worried and hopeful at the same time: a surgical procedure on a little baby is always a tricky thing, but being free of the nasal tube might be a big step for all of us, especially Oliver.

(This post is missing a lot of the back story. We're hoping to fill that in, but we're still in crisis management mode. Some time soon, though...)


Sumitra Chatterjee said...

OA seems to be really enjoying the story with all attention! How history repeats....his Dad also listened to such stories on his Dad's lap the other day ! :)

Karen said...

Oliver certainly seems to be enjoying his quality time with Dad.

Best of luck with the procedure.

Anonymous said...

Again, surprised and yet happy you had time to post at all with everything going on. Very cute!


Caitlin Loehr said...

Yeah! Your blog was updated. I just checked it on am whim. What a wonderful picture. I love you all.

Ananya said...

Thinking of you guys and hoping that everything goes really well with the procedure. Please keep us updated!

Lots of love,
Purnima, Jeetu and Ananya.

Mac said...

Hey, love the way Oliver Akash sits & seems to be very amused;-)We can barely wait to see you all. Take care. Always

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