Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year again

It's official: 2008 is finally over, after dragging on for an extra leap second (2008/12/31, 23:59:60). Happy New Year to everyone, and let's hope the year ahead is a better one.

Happy New Year 2009

Although we didn't have the iconic backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera house, we saw spectacular fireworks over the Iron Cove from the comfort of our own deck. (A brief 19 second video clip below.)

(Our previous New Year's eve posts are here for 2008, and here and here for 2007.)


Caitlin Loehr said...

Wow! Sydney sure knows how to celebrate with style. You guys are really going to miss this when you return to Ithaca and only get to watch the IC towers change numbers, if you're lucky.

rit said...

Wonderful to find your blog, Shami. I'll look for updates. Thanks for sharing. Its gecko here, your old friend from NDP and Saltlake. Check your orkut invites.
Good luck.

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