Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oliver's second birthday

On his birthday, we tried very hard to make sure that Oliver had a happy and relaxed day. We gave him a break from therapy appointments and even a day off from his daily eye-patching. We set up a birthday table for him, with a bright and cheerful home-made toucan sign (since he is 2!), a birthday balloon, and of course gifts. Luckily, Ollie was in a pretty good mood for most of the day.

Gift from Aunt Caitlin Birthday balloon
Aunt Caitlin stopped by for an early morning visit to wish Ollie a Happy Birthday.
Ollie even played with his birthday balloon for a bit.

Reading with Grandparents
Ollie's grandparents stopped by and he enjoyed reading some books with them.

In the evening we had a big family gathering, with pizza and salad. Ollie was a little overwhelmed by it all at first, but did settle down eventually. Then, we opened some gifts.

Unfortunately it wasn't a vomit-free day (is it ever?) so we had a quick wardrobe change. But Ollie looked just as cute in this Indian tunic as he did in his red shirt from FabIndia... Thanks Uttara Kaki and Tuku Kaku!

Ollie and Dad A doll for Ollie
Ollie got so many things: books, pajamas, dvds; and from Aunt Caitlin, Uncle Jamie and his cousins he got a little doll that looks just like him (well, almost). We named him Davy.

We thought that you shouldn't have a birthday without a birthday cake, even if you couldn't eat it. Ollie actually loved it when the whole big group started singing 'Happy Birthday To You', all at once! I helped him make a wish, and then gave him a little taste of icing. Blech! All in all, it went as well as could be expected. Now on to another year.

Making a wish A taste of cake - yuck!

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Maini Baba said...

Let's all forget the phrase "if only" for a while!
Ollie seems to be really enjoying the company of his well wishers. He looks so cute and a real big boy!Lovely pictures. Nice to see you two in a relaxed mood.We are pretty sure things will improve as years go by...slow but steady.

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