Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun with charts

We don't talk much (on the blog, at least) about our daily battle with Oliver's reflux. So, how much has Oliver been throwing up lately? We decided to feed our very detailed records into my scientific plotting package and see what came out.

The pictures tell the story... The tiny circles represent small spit-ups, while the largest circles represent more than Oliver's full feed volume coming right back out. (The fine print: Internal reflux and episodes of churning and heaving where nothing comes out are not recorded here. And we've grouped vomit times into five bins: early morning, post-breakfast, post-lunch, after-dinner, and late night.)

The regularity with which Ollie throws up after breakfast is pretty remarkable. Will the December chart tell a different story? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Fun With Charts!


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

What the heck are you guys giving him for breakfast?? ;-)

Seriously though, have you shown these charts to his Dr/dietician?

Glad to see there aren't too many vomits in the overnight zone...

Amazing, and pleasing, to see that he is happy and growing despite it all.

Well done to you & Meghan for taking such good care of him. Happy Christmas.

Maini ,Baba said...

I can bet even Doctors have never come across such detailed records of VOMITS !
You guys are really amazing. Such sincerity and hard work will definitely pay...of course at present we dont know HOW !

Shouri said...

Very interesting indeed.

Our little Dhimaan was having a similar trend a few days back. We were observing that right after his "breakfast" feed, he would throw up a large amount.

What we have done, since, is not give him tummy time after his breakfast feed, also not even give him "burp" time (on lap, face above my shoulder, his tummy touching my chest) after breakfast. We have found that his breakfast reflux has stopped since.

Rajkumar said...

I once again salute you, Bling, because I can imagine with what a heavy heart you can write that it is "fun" for you and little Akash--I also have a small son!

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