Saturday, January 31, 2009

A big decision

Shark overhead
We made a big decision in January. We decided to leave Australia. It was both an extremely easy and an extremely difficult decision to make. Easy because it was clearly the best thing for us, but it was difficult to say goodbye to the hopes and dreams we brought with us to Australia, not to mention the special people we had met, and the places we'd enjoyed so much. Shami had to give up a wonderful job and decline a fellowship he had worked very hard for. But we were tired of struggling on and on by ourselves. In Ithaca we would be close to family, and Oliver would be eligible for a top notch Early Intervention program without having to worry about residency status. Yes, it was a very easy and a very difficult decision.

Before we left, we managed to get out for a few "last hurrahs" ...

We finally managed to go to the Sydney Aquarium, and we all enjoyed the fish.
One fish, two fish.

Though we put on our smiles, it was sad to say goodbye to the Botanic Gardens, and especially to the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Meghan, Oliver, Opera house, Harbour bridge

At the Botanic Gardens

Some of the hardest things to say goodbye to were all the wonderful places we used to explore on our daily walks. We enjoyed so many strolls by the water on the Bay Run, and through Callan park and the grounds of the abandoned Rozelle Psychiatric Hospital.

Walking in Rozelle Stray cats and derelict building
Goodbye Callan park, and goodbye stray cats.

Last walk on the Bay run
Goodbye Bay Run, and Iron Cove Bridge.

Waiting at Sydney Children's Last brunch on our deck

The easiest thing to say goodbye to was Sydney Children's Hospital!
And we will always remember fondly sitting our deck, and enjoying the view and that wonderful Sydney weather.

At the Rozelle market
Goodbye Darling Street and goodbye to the Rozelle market.

I haven't mentioned the many people we had to say goodbye to. Too many to acknowledge here, but hopefully later. It is always the most difficult to say goodbye to friends.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year again

It's official: 2008 is finally over, after dragging on for an extra leap second (2008/12/31, 23:59:60). Happy New Year to everyone, and let's hope the year ahead is a better one.

Happy New Year 2009

Although we didn't have the iconic backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera house, we saw spectacular fireworks over the Iron Cove from the comfort of our own deck. (A brief 19 second video clip below.)

(Our previous New Year's eve posts are here for 2008, and here and here for 2007.)