Saturday, November 11, 2006

A day at the beach

Our friends Karen and Wynn, who are both astronomers, are visiting Sydney. It is a working trip for them, but there is always time for some fun too! On Saturday we went to the coast and walked a couple of kilometers north from Bronte Beach, through Tamarama Beach, ending up at Bondi Beach. These crescent beaches have wonderful clean and powdery sand, and they are separated by beautiful rocky cliffs and shores.

Walking by the ocean
This month there is an ongoing exhibition called Sculpture by the Sea, with whimsical pieces of art dotting the walk along the beach. Between the exhibit and the gorgeous warm spring day, the walking path was bustling with people.

Group on the beach
We started out at Bronte Beach.

Shami at Tamarama
Shami posing in front of Tamarama Beach, the smallest of the beaches we saw today.

Ice cream truck
It was such a warm day the ice cream truck melted!

Crosswalk sculpture
Australia uses just a pair of disembodied legs on signs used to mark pedestrian crosswalks. Here are the crosswalk legs, made into an oversized sculpture.

Bondi Beach is one of Sydney's largest and best known beaches. It is very popular with swimmers, sunbathers, and surfers.
Bondi Beach

Meghan in the water
We all had fun getting our feet wet. Next time we'll bring our swim suits and try some body surfing!

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