Friday, November 10, 2006

Vertigo: U2 in Sydney

It's on... After a cancellation in March, U2's Vertigo tour comes to Sydney's Telstra Stadium today.

Concert tickets

At Telstra stadium
(Later update:) Well, that was a great concert, even from our seats at nosebleed altitudes. It was a full-house crowd of 70,000+ at Sydney's Telstra Olympic stadium. Beginning with references to Sydney in "City of Blinding Lights" and ending with a didgeridoo player on the final encore ("Kite"), U2 kept the crowd electrified.

Crowds assembling for U2 A few bits from the set that stuck in my mind: The concert started in the rain, and Bono sang a few lines of "Here comes the sun" as the showers ended. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" was dedicated to the memory of the Bali bombings, particularly resonant here in Australia, with a plea not to become the monsters we are fighting. And there was "The Saints are Coming", marking Hurricane Katrina's impact on New Orleans.

U2 in concert
(Cameras were forbidden in principle, so the only pictures we have are small fuzzy ones from my cellphone camera...)

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