Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kangaroos at Parkes

Kangaroos and the dish
Along with the big dish at Parkes, the other major attraction for us was the kangaroo population. They come out to graze at dawn and dusk, and while I was observing at the telescope, Meghan enjoyed photographing them. In her quest for the perfectly framed shot, she even found herself standing in a nest of ill-tempered biting fire ants, but managed to take her picture anyway!

Kangaroos at Parkes Fire ants!

Bounding across the plains
Most of the kangaroos were rather shy, and bounded away gracefully when we stopped to look at them. On the other hand, some of them did not look too pleased to be interrupted in their grazing!

Tough 'roo

And alas, although I lay in wait by the "Kangaroo Crossing" sign for a long time (see the previous post about Parkes ), I never did catch any 'roos crossing the road. Well, except this one case ...

We even managed to capture some video of kangaroos hopping away after we surprised them. If you have enough bandwidth, you can click below and watch them go. (Yes, our very first youtube video, but it is only 8 seconds long.)


Caitlin Loehr said...

Nice new posts. I am glad you waited at the Kangaroo crossing sign for so long. The wait was worth it. That kangaroo is stunningly gorgeous.

Suben said...

Oh dear , you naughty kangaroo-leaping Megh!! That was gorgeous indeed ! Your Blog name of Hop, Skip..is justified:)

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