Sunday, April 15, 2007

April gatherings

This April we enjoyed a few get-togethers with friends and family. Here are pictures from a couple of these gatherings.

On Easter Monday, my cousin Sue invited us over for lunch with her family. We got to meet her wonderful parents, Julie and Gordon, who were visiting from the U.S. Afterwards, we all went to tea at her friend Annabelle's house. The kids enjoyed swimming in the pool while we had tasty desserts and tea. As well as being a scientist, Annabelle is a wonderful artist and illustrator.

Easter tea at Annabelle's
Photo: Gordon, Annabelle, Mark, Mia, Sue, Meghan, Julie.

The next evening we had Sue and her family, as well as Sean and Jeanine, over for dinner. Here is a group photo of all of us:

Family gathering in Sydney
Back: Sean, Jeanine, Meghan, Shami;
Front: Gordon, Chiara & Cary, Kacy & Sue, Julie.

Sean and Jeanine have been living across the harbour in a suburb called Mosman. They recently had us over for dinner, and to see their fabulous view of the Sydney city skyline. On our way back home, while waiting for the ferry, Shami and I were treated to an unexpected fireworks display! It was quite a show, made all the more special because we were the only people enjoying them from our vantage point...
Fireworks over Sydney

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