Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Ithaca visit

Our trip to Ithaca worked out to be much harder than we had ever imagined. Oliver fell sick with a high fever, and none of us got a moment's rest for the entire 28 hour journey. We breathed an exhausted sigh of relief when we finally landed in Ithaca.

Arriving in Ithaca Meeting the cousins

Left: Weary travelers -- how good it felt to be met at the Ithaca Airport by my parents, and my sister Caitlin, who was behind the camera.
Right: Oliver was quite sick and feverish for the first several days in Ithaca, but his cousins still enjoyed getting to know him. Meghan and Oliver with Shannon, Mariah and Kieran.

When he was feeling better, Oliver had quite a nice time playing with his grandparents.
Oliver with grandparents

Oliver and Devon Cousins at play

Left: Oliver enjoyed attention from his cousin Devon.
Right: Ian and Wei, my brother and sister-in-law, came down from Canada with Molly and Eamonn. Here are Eamonn and Molly making a rocket ship with Mariah.

Family group
A family photo. Unfortunately Shami was in Boston at a meeting. We'll photoshop him in at a later date! You can also see Oliver's newest cousin, Eliza, being camera shy and hiding inside her mom's belly. Eliza Madigan Kennedy was born on July 1, 2008, nearly two weeks overdue.

New baby! On the couch

Left: Shami, Oliver Jeanine, Sean and Eliza
Right: Caitlin, Shannon, baby Eliza, Kieran, Meghan, Oliver, Barbara.

Four cousins
Suddenly Oliver doesn't look so small any more!

Ma, Da, Alex, Oliver
My good friend Alex came to visit from Boston. It was good to see her.

We thought that the trip back couldn't be much worse than the trip to Ithaca, but we were very, very wrong. Not only did Oliver have another high fever, but he picked up a gastro bug as well. We got lucky and were upgraded to Business class thanks to the Pope (long story), but Oliver cried and thrashed the whole way. We actually had concerned flight attendants asking us if we needed to divert to Honolulu or Nadi. We made it to Sydney, but spent our first night back at the Emergency room...


Sigh... we missed our family in Ithaca. But we did learn that pure exhaustion is a sure-fire cure for jet lag!

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I love the photo of your mom and dad w/ Oliver (from slightly overhead, not the one with me in it!). Ollie has the sweetest smile.


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