Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cockatoo attack!

About a year ago, when we were getting close to harvesting our kumquats, we woke to find the entire tree had been ravaged by cockatoos. Dozens of kumquats were scattered on the deck, each with a big hole though it. We wouldn't have minded so much if they had been hungry birds, but they just pecked at them and discarded them!

As I was sitting with Oliver today, I glanced outside to find some cockatoos helping themselves to our kumquats once again. I jumped up to shoo them away, but took a moment to snap a few pictures and a little video first. Then I picked as many ripe kumquats as I could, but many of them still need more time on the tree.

Cockatoo attack! The culprit escapes

It is hard to be too angry though, as the cockatoos are awfully cute!

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Sumitra Chatterjee said...

So wonderful to see the cumquats...hard to believe they are Real ! ...and the attack of the culprits is justified...the fruits look so juicy!
I hope there would be some left for me to see tomorrow!! Yes, see you soon Ollie.

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