Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A brand new cousin

Speaking of cousins, we'd like to extend a long overdue 'welcome' to Oliver's new cousin, Dhimaan (also known as Marco Polo).

Oliver's Uncle Tuku and Aunt Uttara (or Tuku Kaku and Uttara Kaki in Bengali) had a little boy on August 28th. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and he and his mom are healthy and happy. Unfortunately for us, they live half way around the world in New Delhi, so I fear it will be a very long time before we get to meet the little guy.

But isn't he gorgeous!?!

Oliver's cousin Dhimaan

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Maini said...

Isnt it a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by loving cousins ! OA is lucky to have a battalion of cousins in US,Canada and India.Here is a list of his Indian cousins who are very eager to send their love and hugs to Ollie : Ankita(Piu), Archita(Tia), Anushree(Doel), Anoushka(Anu), Disha(Lali), Amit Bikram(Gogol),Gayetri(Bulbuli) and the junior most, Dhimaan(Marco Polo).

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