Friday, October 16, 2009


Ithaca got an early start to the winter yesterday, and the light snow that began in the afternoon continued into the night. By 3 AM there was over an inch on the ground. (I know because I was up!) But despite two nights of little sleep with a sick boy and Shami away, seeing the beautiful peaceful snow outside in the morning lifted my spirits. Ollie and I looked out the window as we read "Snow", by P.D Eastman and Roy McKie. I also got a bowl full of snow for Ollie to put his hands in. Conclusion: it is cold and wet!

By noon it had melted away, though there is more snow in the forecast through Sunday. After a wet cool summer, it looks like we may be in for a long, cold, snowy winter. But it sure is pretty.

Oliver, Meghan, snow!


Maini,Baba said...

Isnt that a wonderful picture ! Everything looks so calm and peaceful and you two look like serenity personified !

Snow so early !Brrrr

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it snowed!! When I left Boston it was still in the mid-60's. Thanks for the posts. -A

Karen said...

That's such a pretty picture. It almost looks fake - like you're standing in front of a screen! I'm glad you enjoyed the snnow. :) Karen.

Ananya said...

That's a beautiful picture, Meghan. So glad you're blogging again - Facebook obviously doesn't capture all the emotion and the moments that your blog does. We are really looking forward to being in Ithaca next summer and seeing all of you.

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