Friday, April 30, 2010

April happenings

Kieran reading to Ollie April was full of small happenings, including Nainai's birthday, a baby shower for Sean and Jeanine, an open house at the vet school, and more. And we had the occasional visit from Mariah, who walked down the street to play with Ollie. But it was a special treat when Kieran stopped by one day, and read a book to Oliver and Mariah.

In April the Cornell vet school had their annual open house. Ollie got to see all sorts of animals, big and small, scaly and furry. Don't miss the photo of Ollie Oinker and his dad ShaMoooo!

Horse at the Vet school Open House Cow at the Vet school Open House Farm animals Reptiles at the Vet school Open House

Oliver with Alex My friend Alex visited us for a weekend. Oliver loves her because she is really good at singing the A-B-C song! We had a nice stroll through the Cornell flower gardens with her. That was also the weekend we threw a baby shower for Sean and Jeanine.

Alex, Oliver, and Shami Baby shower for Sean and Jeanine

We also celebrated my mom's birthday in April. Would you ever guess this birthday girl turned 81? She was hitting the balls out of the park!
A home run!

Here she is getting ready to blow out the candles, and here is Ollie chillin' with his grandfather, since neither of them wanted any cake...

Nainai's birthday cake Oliver and PapaDadu

Finally, here's Ollie spending some quality time with Elmo, Grover, and his doll Davy.
Oliver, Davy, Elmo, and Grover


Candace said...

Hi Meghan, Cute pics! He is such a charmer! I see all his therapy toys in the background...I am soooo there with ya! My house is not a house it's a storage building for therapy tools, LOL!

thamma,Dadu said...

Lovely, lovely pictures...and we can see Ollie growing up fast. He sure will be a big boy like his papa Dadu!
We love our Ollie oinker and his dad Shamoo..but why's the naughty Mom-mare hiding??

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