Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter 2010


In April Oliver's Uncle Ian, and his cousins Eamonn and Molly drove down from Canada for Easter. Easter weekend was unusually warm, and we all spent a lot of time outside enjoying the mild weather. This was one of the first times Ollie had been on the swing since the snow melted, and he was loving it. Higher! Faster! More!

Swinging with Dad Swinging with Molly

We had a belated birthday celebration for Molly, who turned six in March. Here she is with cousin Mariah. And here are a few Easter eggs I decorated.

Mariah and Molly Easter eggs

On Easter Sunday there were several egg hunts. First we had one for the kids at Caitlin and Jamie's house. Then the kids had fun hiding eggs for the adults. And finally we "hid" eggs at our house especially for Eliza and Oliver. We put Ollie in his gait trainer, and we even got him to hold on to his Easter basket just long enough for me to snap a couple of cute pictures.

Hunting for eggs with Mariah Hunting for eggs Oliver with his basket Easter egg hunt

Sean with his new iPad Oliver's uncle Sean is very much a tech gadget early-adopter kind of guy. He had pre-ordered an Apple iPad and was one of the first to get his hands on one. Here he is showing it off… and I have to admit, it was a beautiful thing to hold and use. We think we want to get one for Oliver, and are thinking of buying this one off of him when he upgrades - any day now!

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Susan, Mum to Molly said...

This post in particular makes me think of you guys @ Karobran...

Seeing Ollie on the swing and the mentions of a Molly...

We still think of and miss you guys often, and hope to reply properly to your recent long email soon (Sorry...).

So great to see you all smiling.

Lots of love and bigs hugs across the seas from a very chilly Sydney,

Susan + girls

PS: Our Molly is getting an iPad for her birthday next month (shhh, its a surprise...)

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