Monday, July 19, 2010

Thamma and Dadu

July 19th was a very big day. It was the day Oliver's grandparents arrived from India for an extended visit. Oliver's grandfather (his Dadu) hadn't seen Oliver since they visited us in Sydney when Oliver was a baby, less than a week out of the NICU. Oliver's grandmother (his Thamma) came to Sydney by herself in September of 2008 to mark Oliver's 1st birthday with us. For both of them it had been a very, very long time since they'd seen Oliver - or us for that matter!

Thamma Dadu getting off the plane Thamma Dadu at Ithaca airport

Through the magic of video chat, Oliver has been able to see his Thamma and Dadu from time to time over this past year. It is hard to know exactly what he comprehends, and what he remembers, but it was clear that the moment he saw them arrive at our door he knew they were special. He felt comfortable with them right away and was all smiles. Their friendship has grown more and more each day. Ollie, with his love of words and silliness, loves it when they talk to him in Bengali. He laughs hysterically, especially when his Dadu throws in some arm movements! It has been wonderful to have them here, and it just breaks our hearts that they don't live closer. They will stay until mid September, through Ollie's 3rd birthday, and the start of school for Ollie. The time will fly by.

Thamma Dadu saying Hi to Ollie Thamma Dadu say Hi

Olllie and his two grandmas Shami and Oliver with Dadu


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

How fabulous to have Thamma and Dadu with you for such a long visit. (Especially if it means you have more time & headspace for blogging!)

Please tell Ollie's Thamma that one of her lovely scarves is used as a peek-a-boo song prop at Karobran - makes me feel like you're right there with us when I see it...

Bug hugs & take care, Susan & co

Thamma said...

So nice to know that the scarf is of some use and you remember the little gift. I often remember the visits to Karobran and feel grateful for all the care and attention Ollie got there.I am sure it was a breathing place for Meghan when she needed it the most! My heartfelt thanks, love and good wishes for the organisers and the lovely kids and their brave parents!

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