Friday, July 30, 2010

More July photos

We had a nice visit from Oliver's uncle Ian, Aunt Wei, and their kids Eamonn and Molly. It was great to see them. Wei spent some one-on-one time getting to know Oliver, which was wonderful. Ollie loved having Aunt Wei read to him!

Ian, Wei, Eamonn, Molly, and Oliver Wei reading to Ollie

While they were in town, Shami engineered a fantastic Indian banquet and we had the whole family over. As usual it was crazy, chaotic, and exhausting, but well worth the effort!

Ollie and Nainai Thamma, Dadu, and Ollie in his walker
Family Dinner Dinner in the backyard
Eamonn likes Indian food Maini and Eliza

We haven't seen very much of Oliver's cousins this summer. But with Eamonn and Molly visiting from Canada they decided to all stop over one day to put on a spur-of-the-moment concert for Oliver. It was quite a scene! Ollie especially liked Kieran playing his Saxophone.

Cousins perform for Ollie

We've tried to get out of the house each weekend with Oliver's Thamma and Dadu. Here are a few photos from some of our July excursions:

At the Ithaca Farmer's Market, and walking through the Cornell herb and flower gardens.

At the Farmers Market Walking in the plantations
Walking in the plantations Dadu enjoying the Cornell gardens

At the once-a-year Ithaca Artists' Market, and at a quilt show at the Johnson Art museum.

At the Artists Market Quilt show at the Johnson Museum

Here is a photo of Ollie with all four of his grandparents on the museum's deck, and one with his dad from an upper floor with Cayuga Lake in the background.

Four grandparents and Ollie The view from the top

And a few more pictures just for the fun of it:
Here's Ollie swinging with his grandmas and cousin Kieran, and getting a math lesson from his grandfather.

Swinging with Thamma and Nainai PapaDadu doing math with Oliver

Finally, here's Ollie getting cuddles from his Thamma.
Thamma and Ollie enjoy a cuddle


Anonymous said...

Ollie's getting so big! Cute photos. -A

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting so many great pictures and stories and keeping us/me up to date. I love the picture with your dad teaching Ollie math and that he has what looks like an accounting visor on! They're so cute...yes, Ollie's pictures and your dad's too!

Anonymous said...

I need your dad to teach me math too! I like the one with Shami's mom and Ollie cuddling. -A

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