Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nainai and PapaDadu's Anniversary

Oliver's Ithaca grandparents had their wedding anniversary in early August. To celebrate we invited them over for a sit down Indian meal. Several dishes were whipped up, and Oliver's Thamma spent the day making a special payesh (rice pudding) for dessert. Ollie offered to taste-test it beforehand to make sure it was good - just kidding - but Thamma gave him a taste anyway. It looks like he liked it, doesn't it? Never trust a picture! It took a lot of effort to coax that smile out of him. But he did have some fun playing with it on his tray.

A taste of rice pudding? No way! Oliver playing with rice pudding

Ollie joined us at the table and it was a lovely dinner. And everyone (except Ollie) agreed that the food, and especially the payesh, was delicious!

Anniversary dinner for Ma and Da Anniversary dinner spread
Anniversary dinner table Rice pudding for dessert

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