Sunday, August 29, 2010

At the Zoo in Syracuse

A fine and fancy ramble to the zoo In late August, we finally made a trip to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. It is not a very big zoo, but it made for a good day trip with Oliver, and allowed him to see real live elephants and penguins. There were many other animals there as well, but the elephants and penguins were the easiest to see, and the most fun for Ollie. The tigers were impressive, but I am not sure Ollie was able to see them very well.

Penguin swimming Meet the penguins
Tiger, tiger The elephants are kindly

It was a good trip, though it left me feeling a bit down. Seeing the animals in cages was sad. And seeing all the carefree kids running, shouting and pointing excitedly was also sad for me. We had to keep lifting Ollie up out of his stroller so he could try to see the animals. Lifting and carrying him is becoming harder and harder on our backs as he gets larger and heavier.

It's all happening at the zoo
We did bump into this good looking family of penguins. I think I deserve a medal for holding Ollie and getting both our faces in those holes at the same time!


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

That penguin family photo is AWESOME! I love it. Well done!

Looks like you're getting all caught up blog-wise ahead of Ollie's birthday...

Its almost the 11th here (coming up to 11 pm in Sydney) - so needless to say I'll be thinking of you +++ tomorrow.

Take care and big hugs, Susan

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! And thanks Meghan for keeping the photos coming... Can't wait to see you all and to finally meet Oliver in November.

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