Monday, August 23, 2010

Farewell, Mr. Toad

It was a lot of fun taking care of Mr. Toad this summer -- watching him metamorphose into a toad, and then grow from being miniscule to being merely tiny.
Toad on a quarter

I was so attached to him that I thought about getting a larger aquarium and keeping him all winter. But it was tough finding enough food for him to eat. I'm sure fruit flies are yummy, but Mr. Toad needed more to fill his belly, and finding bugs and worms that were just the right size for him was surprisingly difficult. As the summer went on, it became clear that it was time to let him go so that he'd have enough time to establish himself before winter set in. Shami, Ollie and I decided to let him go near a small pond in Sapsucker Woods.

Leaving with the toad Waving goodbye

Here's our cute little guy leaving the nest. I hope he'll find lots to eat and be a fat and happy toad.


Caitlin Loehr said...

You are amazing!!!

Retro Guy said...

It was great that Mr Toad had a good home with all of you. He will always remember his stay in good old Ithaca! He will have a fun time hopping around in the grass and water!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Well done for giving Mr Toad such a happy start in life.

Does your experience with him make you consider other pets??

Anonymous said...

That photo of him on the coin to give size perspective is awesome! I'm sure Mr. Toad will be well equipped for his future thanks to his auspicious beginnings.


Thamma to Ollie said...

How wonderful to see that so many people care about our sweet little toad. It could have been our Frog Princess one day ! Ah well, it's perhaps much better for him to act as a Princess in his own community!

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